Why Won’t Anyone Visit My Website?

Did you know that 91% of all online content gets no traffic from Google? Just because a website creates, it does not mean it will automatically get viewers. So how do you attract people to your website?

When building traffic, it helps to start small and exercise patience. If you are asking the question “Why won’t people visit my website?” then read on for our essential guide.

Reasons You Are Not Getting Website Traffic

Building website traffic takes time and patience. However, if your website has been running for some time and is still not getting the traffic you need it may be due to one of the following reasons.

Poor SEO 

Search engine optimization is the process of improving your website so that it generates organic traffic from search engines. When people type a query into an engine, the order in which the results are displayed is determined by several factors. Those with better SEO tend to rank higher, making them more likely to gain traffic.

SEO can take up a whole article in itself. Click to learn more about it and find ways to increase traffic using it.

Choosing the Wrong Keywords

Keywords are the terms people type into search engines that bring up results. They are a sub-section of your SEO strategy, and you need to target the right keywords to gain traffic.

Keywords need to be adequately balanced. Ideally, you want ones with high search volumes.

However, these bring a lot of competition that you may not be able to compete in the early days. For example, could you compete with a website like Nike on search terms for sneakers? This means you should begin by looking for low competition keywords to gain smaller amounts of traffic.

Poor Content

Content is the reason people come to your website. It may take the form of videos, infographics, podcasts, or use the most common creation, the blog. Within it can be included your target keywords to attract organic search traffic.

If your content is not up to standard, then people won’t come to your site. Check you are providing value in the content. Optimize it for readability, then make click-worthy headlines.

You Are Not Promoting Enough

When managing the site and creating content you should follow a rule of 80/20. The majority of your time should be spent promoting, while the other 20% should be spent creating content.

There are a number of ways you can promote your website and content. Think about going on industry podcasts, creating guest posts for other websites, and working with influencers.

How to Get People to Visit My Website

There are several ways you can begin to increase traffic to your website. Create a schedule so that you are addressing these each day. Eventually, you will start to see a growth in traffic.

Social Media

Social media is a great way to build awareness of your brand and website, turning it into traffic. It also gives you a platform to share your content. Devise a social media plan that involves regular, high-quality posts.

Start out on one social media platform. Many people try to hit as many as possible at the beginning, but this is a recipe for disaster. Instead, select the one that best suits your demographic and learn how to own it.

Build an Email List

You can build an email list by adding a capture and sign-up box to your website homepage. Create a monthly newsletter for your subscribers and give them an incentive to come to your websites such as offers or discounts. This is one of the highest quality forms of website traffic as people have already shown an interest in your product.

Invest in Paid Search Adverts

It will always take time for a new website to gain website visitors. One way you can kickstart the process is with paid search adverts. However, unlike other methods, this does cost money.

Paid search adverts allow you to bid on a keyword. When a potential visitor types this into a search engine, you are put at the top of the page. When people click on the link and go to your website, you pay a small fee.

Organic Search

Organic search is when your page appears naturally in a search engine because people are looking for content that you have. It takes a lot of time to build this, improve SEO, and create excellent content. However, it is free and brings more traffic than any of the other methods.

Track Website Visitors Using Metrics

Metrics are extremely important. They are the statistics that tell you how many people are visiting, where they are coming from, and how long they stay. By tracking metrics, you can divulge a lot of information about what visitors think.

Website traffic is the most important metric because it tells you how many people are visiting your website. However, it should always be linked to your metric that measures how many people make a purchase or perform the desired action. One visitor who makes a $1000 purchase is better than 1000 visitors who make none.

Another to track is your bounce rate. This is a measure of how long people stay on your website before leaving. A low bounce rate means they stay for a longer time and that tells search engines you have relevant, quality content on your website.

When the bounce rate is high, people are leaving fast, and it damages your SEO. If they barely land on the site, you could have slow page loading times. When they don’t get past the home page, you may have poor navigation and web design.

Creating a Plan

Now you can answer the question “Why won’t people visit my website?” assess your current strategy and see what may be missing. From here, formulate a plan. If it seems daunting, then hire someone to do SEO for you.

This article is one of many to help you online. From marketing to SEO, we can help you traverse the digital economy in the coming year.

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