What are the reasons behind the success of artists on Spotify?

Today, we will share the secret tips behind the success of artists on Spotify. Although, a lot of artist buy Spotify followers and plays there are also some tips that help them to stand out from the crowd. If you are also going to start your journey, then these tips will surely help you out.

Write short songs:

Most of the successful artists always go with log albums but with loads of short songs. World’s most famous rapper Drake introduced this technique and it became a trend. Now artists write short songs because that way they can generate more plays in an effort to make the album in top-charts. If you are new or developing artists on Spotify then this strategy will increase the chances of becoming a big Spotify playlist.

Under 30 second impact:

When the listeners get to skip your song before 30-second then Spotify doesn’t pay you. So your track should be so impactful that captivate the people in under 30 seconds. By doing this, people will listen to your dull track. Also, it is essential that your tracks should have a good flow. The first few seconds are too much crucial to entice the audience.

Think long term:

However, people love to watch and listen to viral stuff but it is not a good strategy. If you want to give the hit numbers to your audience and create a buzz then think long term content. In order to get noticed on Spotify, release more albums with short songs. When you release more tracks then there are more chances that you get more followers without buying Spotify followers.

Create good cover art:

Album art or cover art should be creative and unique. Visuals also play an important role to entice the audience. Nowadays, many artists use thumbnails for cover art but don’t use bad thumbnails for it. Use high-quality thumbnails and make it fun. But don’t spend bucks of money on a designer. You can also reproduce the artwork of other successful artists.


Spotify did not disclose its algorithm that how it rates a track but there are some basic rules that help you to understand how it works. When your follower or listener save your tracks into a playlist, Spotify gives it great importance. It is considered as good engagement but whenever a user removes your song from the playlist, it shows bad engagement. That’s why building dedicated followers are so essential to stand out from the crowd.

Loyal followers:

The simple formula to get most out of this platform being an artist is that having a number of followers. You can buy Spotify followers and rack up organically using the above-mentioned tactics. When an artist releases new track then every follower can listen to your track through customized release radar playlist. But there is no guarantee that your track will be placed on top but it builds a great momentum. Buying Spotify followers also help you to gain more followers organically.

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