Understanding Camo: The 13 Patterns to Know

The word Camo is an informal derivation from the word camouflage which means to hide something. Firstly, it was designed for the military to get blended with their surroundings during the war. But now, people adopt these patterns in their daily life. Even Camo is now a huge part of the casual dressing of both men and women. This print is available in every possible clothing variety like shoes, shirts, camo boy shorts, and hats.

The basic prints have specific color combinations for each print. But, first, let’s dive into the history of camo designs so you can find your faviourite one.

1. Brushstroke

Brushstroke Camo Design

The British military designed this, and they drew these patterns by using huge brushes. They painted their pants before the start of the war for safety. For this design, they customize colors according to their surroundings.

2. Tigerstripe

Tigerstripe Camo Design

This is an evolved form of brushstroke pattern by Vietnamese. The color combination of green, brown, and black make this ideal for bamboo-rich rainforests.

3. Duck Hunter

Duck Hunter Camo Design

American troops firstly wore this. Duck hunter print is quite popular because of its design. It has a solid background and splotches of three different colors to blend with the surroundings.


ERDL Camo Design

In 1948, the US army developed a pattern that can mimic all colors of forest nature. The brown color of leaves, the green grass, and the black color of twigs make it ideal for hiding in a forest.

5. US Woodland

US Woodland Camo

This is a widely used camo pattern, and proof of it is that when I say Camo, this comes to mind. Every clothing brand has this design in their collection either for casual dressing, or even bridal clothing has these prints; one of such examples is funny underwear for bride with different slogans on it.

6. Rain Drop

Raindrop Camo Design

This is just like rain, tight vertical lines on a solid background.

7. Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip Camo Design

It is a six-color pattern, and black dots make it look like chocolate chips. This pattern is created to mimic rockets and used for dry areas.

8. Splinter

Splinter Camo Design

This is the creation of the German air force. Its minimalistic design makes it a favourite for everyone.

9. Flecktarn

Flecktarn Camo Design

This leopard look pattern was selected for German troops in 1970.

10. Multicam

MultiCam Camo Design

Its pattern makes it favourable to get blended in every weather and surroundings. It has almost every color of the environment.


CADPAT Camo Design

This was the first digital-printed Camo, designed by Canadian forces in 1996. CADPAT is pixel print and a favourite of modern forces.


MARPAT Camo Design

This was selected for the marine force of the United States in 2001. This design get great influence from CADPAT.

13. Dazzle

Dazzle Camo Design

The purpose of its pattern is quite different, which is to hide movement. Therefore, it is different from previous designs. Dazzle has white and black zebra stripes with other geometrical patterns.


The reason behind the creation of these designs is to hide and blend in with surroundings. But clothing brands use these prints to make you look prominent, stylish, and cool. Moreover, Camo printed clothes can be perfect for gym, formal, casual dressing, and everywhere.

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