Reasons To Always Wear Your Underwear

Many will agree if someone says that going commando is better than wearing an extra layer of fabric under their trousers. Most of them say that it is for comfort, and it’s good to feel some breeze down there.

However, wearing underwear has many benefits than wearing nothing underneath your clothes. Moreover, most men’s sexy underwear designs are really comfortable; it feels like you are wearing nothing inside your shorts or pants.

If you still feel like ditching your underwear, below are some reasons you should wear them instead.

It will keep you from chafing down there

When skin repeatedly rubs against the clothes, an irritation called chafing will occur. This would likely happen whenever you go commando. The shorts, pants, or jeans’ fabric could harm your groin. These clothing are not designed to protect the skin that is supposed to be protected by underwear.

Underwear, which works as a second layer of clothing, protects your groin from irritating material, keeping your privates safe.

You’ll be safe from tinea cruris

Tinea cruris or crotch rot is a skin infection that is caused by wearing wet or tight clothes. Wearing underwear lessens the chance of getting crotch rot, as long as you keep the part down there clean. Underwear absorbs sweat better compared to jeans, shorts, and pants, keeping the area dry.

Some undies are made from sweat-wicking material that absorbs and lets the sweat evaporate quickly. Wearing this kind of underwear reduces the chance of getting tinea cruris dramatically.

It will save your clothing from embarrassing moments

Since underwear absorbs sweat well, wearing it could trap and prevent sweat from staining your jeans, shorts, or pants. Moreover, it could save you from an embarrassing moment of someone noticing the sweat stains on your groin part.

Furthermore, it is not unusual for someone to leave their fly open, and everyone is guilty of this experience. You know what will happen if you caught yourself in this situation, and you are not wearing anything underneath your pants.

It would be easier for you to choose what clothes to wear

Some clothes are not meant to be worn without wearing any undies. Moreover, some fabrics become thin over time. Remember, accidents happen, and old clothing is not safe from it. Imagine if your jeans suddenly split in public!

Wearing an extra layer of fabric can save you from revealing your skin whenever your clothes fail. Furthermore, if it happens when you are wearing men’s sexy underwear, it may keep you from being embarrassed, especially if you look sexy in your undies!

These are just some of the benefits of wearing your underwear. Moreover, the consequences above are something that you don’t want to happen to you. This is especially true if you are in a social gathering or any public area.

Moreover, always wearing your underwear is hygienic that could keep you from unpleasant health conditions. Additionally, choosing what clothes to wear will be easier, as having underwear will keep you from any worries of what might get exposed if your pants or shorts malfunctioned.

Going commando may be good if you are at home. However, outside, you must wear your underwear at all times. It will not only save you from painful conditions, but it will also keep you from any embarrassing moments caused by not wearing one.

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