Proven Tactics to Secure the Featured Snippet Spot on the SERPS

Search engine optimization is a highly dynamic digital marketing method. From time to time, search engines launch new processes and guidelines. Keeping up with these new trends is critical to the success of an SEO campaign. But there are certain trends that are harder to perfect than others. It takes time to analyze the benefits and determine whether employing a new technique applies to the needs of your online business. 

What is a Featured Snippet and Why are the Best SEO Companies Talking about it?

What is a Featured Snippet

In the past, when you search a particular topic, search results will appear with links ranked from the most to the least relevant. Now, in addition to the regular search results, there is a featured snippet that comes before the SERPs. This featured snippet either contains an article, a video, or images that directly answer the user’s question. So, landing on the featured snippet page means your site ranks higher than other SERPs. 

Links that appear on the featured snippet section tend to attract more attention. The user is more likely to click on it because it appears at the very top. In Google, for example, a featured snippet page is assumed to have more authority. According to the best SEO companies San Francisco, getting a featured snippet spot increases brand recognition and prominence. Also, since many users browse using their mobile phones, the featured snippet section takes up a significant part of the screen, thus making the page hard to miss. 

What Specific Benefits Will You Get From Getting a Featured Snippet Spot?

Benefits of Featured Snippet

In addition to appearing on top of search results, the featured snippet spot has the following additional benefits:

  • Give more insight into user behavior. When users click on the featured snippet link, they have a specific goal or desire particular information. Every visit originating from this link will allow you to understand more about what your target audience wants. 
  • Improve brand image and authority. The featured snippet spot makes a brand more prominent. Also, users consider this spot as reserved for a company or website with more authority on the topic. 
  • Increased click-through rate. There are many factors that affect click-through rates. But, the featured snippet spot increases your chances of getting organic clicks from potential visitors. 

Indeed, getting the featured snippet is much-coveted by digital marketers today. Since there are many variables that come into play, you need to focus on the strategies that could ensure you get the spot.

How Do You Get the Featured Snippet Spot?

How Do You Get the Featured Snippet Spot

Getting this coveted position requires strategy. Formatting your website to get featured means focusing on specific elements that also relate to SEO. So what are these techniques that will help you land on the featured snippet page

Choosing the Right Keywords

Choosing the Right Keywords

Long-tail keywords have a better chance of getting featured because these are more specific and can directly answer a user’s question. Depending on the products or services you offer, you need to know what type of questions your customers might ask. Longer keywords also show the intent of the user, hence allowing Google to provide a more refined search result. Yes, it’s still possible to get a featured snippet with a shorter keyword. But, getting featured for more specific keywords often lead to better chances of conversion or sales. 

If you want a better way to search for keywords, you can use a research tool. Google has a keyword planner, while other popular options include SEMrush. In fact, the best SEO companies San Francisco take advantage of these tools for more efficient task completion.

The Right Featured Snippet Format

There are four different types of snippet format: video, table, paragraph, and list. Writing your content to include these four formats will determine which type of featured snippet you’re likely to get. There’s plenty of statistical data showing which type is most likely to get featured. But, remember that your intent here is to provide value to the reader. 

If you’re going to add images to your content, not that featured snippets sometimes pull images that don’t come from a different content source. What you can do to prevent this from happening is to ensure that the image you post follows Google’s preferred image format.

Put a Date on Your Content

Some websites refrain from putting dates on their articles to give an illusion of longer relevance. Yet, this practice is not beneficial for users that are looking for information necessary for timely research. Content with dates is likely to appear in the featured snippet spot. However, an older article may win over a new one if the older article provides a more relevant response to the query.

Add a Section For “how-to” Articles

Getting a featured snippet spot is the perfect opportunity to gain leads and increase traffic. As such, it makes sense to redesign your site in a way that optimizes how-to content. Some websites even make a whole section for answering questions. How-to sections, Q&As, and FAQs all help in boosting your chances of getting featured. 

Always Use High-Quality Videos and Images

Always Use High-Quality Videos and Images

Many people learn by looking at visuals. Adding images or videos isn’t difficult. Most sites either use stock photos or original content. Also, adding videos help because many people today prefer watching videos instead of reading articles. Voice transcripts also work if you add them to the videos posted on your website. 


Keeping up with SEO trends is time-consuming. The featured snippet spot alone is a fairly recent innovation. But, it looks like it’s here to stay. Earning this spot is an excellent strategy that will boost your SEO efforts. If you ask any of the best SEO companies San Francisco today, they’ll likely recommend adjusting your current techniques to get this coveted spot.

The good thing is, there are ongoing studies that will help you identify areas for opportunity. There are also available tools that can help you increase your chances of getting features. Most of the changes that you need to adopt aren’t as hard as expected. With a few tweaks here and there, you can make your content stand out and get the featured snippet spot. 

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