Living near MRT station in Hougang? Check out Social Media Benefits

What is an MRT station?

Mass Rapid transit station, MRT for short is a rapid transit system that is a growing railway system in Singapore. It is a train that operates from around 5.30am to midnight with increased hours in festive periods. This is a main source of transport in Singapore but for those living near to it, MRT stations offer some benefit to the residents like those in Hougang. Some benefits that MRT station in Huogang is offering are as follows.

  1. Interchange station near The Florence Residences

For people and areas near MRT station in Hougang, this station will serve as an interchange station along the recognized Cross Island Line (CRL). CRL will be able to connect crucially important areas in eastern and western Singapore for e.g. areas of Jurong Lake district, Pungoll digital district etc.

  1. Ease and convenience for residents

 The MRT station is going to be a major benefit to the residents in term of cutting travel time of up to 70 minutes. With ease of travel and cutting down of time, the residents living near MRT station in Hougang are at a major advantage.


  1. Appreciation of the value

Properties located close to transportation hubs are appreciated in terms of value more than those which are less ideally placed. Even though the initial prices of living here are a little higher than normal, the benefits of value and ease of transport tend to weigh it down.

  1. Less air pollution

With MRT station being used more often in contrast to private transport, residents nearby would experience a gradual decline in pollution as fewer vehicles are used, and the air becomes cleaner. The reason government favors public transport is also this: less air pollution!

  1. Development of infrastructure

Near MRT stations, its quite usual to find new developing infrastructures such as hotels, shops, hospitals etc. The people living near MRT station are, therefore at a benefit as they have ease of access to these places.

  1. No transport issues

Since this MTR station can run throughout the city, you would not have to face any transport issues. In case of unavailability of a private transport, you can easily make use of this means of transport to fulfill your very purpose.

  1. Avoiding traffic on the way

For those living ear MTR stations, it is easy to avoid traffic by using the MTR train to get to their destinations. The ease of traveling without traffic would save your time and get you less tired!

We have seen with the above explained details that people living near MTR stations in Hougang are in a great benefit when it comes to saving time, money, effort etc. with so much benefit at and why would one not want to live in such a place? Of course, living near an MTR station would have its own disadvantages but what are looking for are basically the benefits. Hence, we can conclude that people living near MTR stations have much to benefit from!


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