What font does Instagram use in Text and Stories & Website?

Instagram – a leading social media platform

Instagram is known to be the biggest social media platform for engaging audiences. It allows brands and major large and small companies to connect with their customers from all across the world. What makes it different from other social media platforms is its visual content. The images and videos posted by users attract others and increases Instagram followers and here are some best websites to get followers. Businesses are massively taking benefit from this platform. It interprets the vision and mission of a brand to the followers in a unique or distinctive way in form of attractive pictures and videos. It is the choice of users among other social media platforms.

There are various other social platforms, but the most influencing one is Instagram. The daily average usage and statistics show that it is the most favored application. Apart from attracting followers by showing engaging visual content, brands can focus on embedding their mission and objectives into the minds of people. It helps in increasing sales and profits for your business. It aids in generating high revenues for your business. All you have to do is show the high engagement on Instagram by posting attractive content that should force the users to have a look at your page. If you want to attract more and more users to view your page, not just random followers, you need to start working on making advertisements. Instagram now also allows users to market their business by posting online ads on it.

Font used by Instagram

Instagram does not use one specific font for its website or application. It utilizes a number of fonts for its design and layout.
The font used by Instagram for the iOS version is Freight Sans. Instagram uses this font mainly to cover major headlines and for large texts that need attention.
For other information and everything else on the application, it uses the font Neue Helvetica.
However, the font Systems Roboto in compulsion with Freight Sans is being used by Instagram for the Android version. All information on android is made available in this font style.

Font used for Instagram’s website

The font used by Instagram for its main website is Proxima Nova for all large and small texts in conjunction with Neue Helvetica. All texts in Instagram’s official website are covered with these two font styles.

Font used for common and main texts

To cover common or small texts like Instagram bios, followers, or comments, which do not require more attention, Instagram chooses the font style, Proxima Nova. It is a commonly used font style and is very simple i.e. it is not very odd or bizarre. It is easy to read and interpret and is liked by the users as well. However, for larger and main texts, that require serious attention of users, Instagram uses Freight Sans. This font style is used to cover headlines and major texts.

Type mode of Instagram for stories

Instagram also introduced the “Type” mode among the users for Instagram Stories. This mode permits the users to write their thoughts, feelings, or any content that they want to share using different text or font styles and well as various distinctive backgrounds. The users of Instagram cannot just benefit from this type of mode for typing written content on stories in creative ways. Users can also use it for their videos and pictures. The typing mode of Instagram is very advantageous to creative marketers as they need to make their content unique and creative to engage followers.

Font used in Instagram stories

Instagram uses various font styles for their stories. For the apple devices, it uses the font, San Francisco, for Instagram stories. And for Android devices, the font style used for Instagram stories is Roboto. However, for the Instagram application, the font being used is Freight Sans. For the type mode in Instagram stories, it is allowing users to use a variety of fonts. These fonts include Aveny T, Cosmopolitan, San Francisco, Italic Bold, Roboto, and Black Italic.
For the polling feature on the Instagram stories, it is using a different font style namely Aveny T e Regular. Hence, Instagram has been using different font types and styles for different features.

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