Important Things You Can do With a Survival Knife

Survival knives, as the name indicates, is used in an urgent or emergency situation for survival purposes. There are many uses of these knives especially for those who go on hunting or wander in the forest where it can be used to cut the wood or can be used for carving purpose.

It is an essential part of the survival kit in which the size of knife is much smaller which makes the kit easy to carry.

Food Processing

When your away from home, out in the wild or on an adventure, the survival knife will serve as a rescue to hunger.

It can help in cutting vegetables or meat and for slicing down the large pieces into smaller. Instead of carrying large kitchen utensils, survival knife can be the best alternative when in need.

Cutting wood

There are many different models of survival knife with many high quality knives available in the market. A good model of knife that is designed for cutting purposes can be used effectively for cutting wood.


It can be very effectively used as a weapon especially for self defense. It is very safe to keep the survival knife close to you so that if an emergency situation occurs in which you are attacked, this knife will always be there for your safety.

In the wild, there are many chances you can get attacked by many types of animals or even people of different culture and community so knife can be of great advantage in saving your own life.

Digging/ Signaling

A knife is not exactly what anyone will search for digging purpose but in a situation where you don’t have a shovel, a knife will help you in digging. A large knife can be easily used for many tasks as in digging and cutting out edible roots or tubers.

It can also be used when you’re trapped somewhere, you can carve out distress signals with the help of knife.

First-aid Tool

When you’re somewhere in the wilderness, it is very well understood and apparent that you can come across various situations that can cause you a minor or major injury.

So if you cut or injure yourself, you can heat the knife and put it on the wound in order to stop the bleeding as well as prevent infection, a process known as cauterization. Survival knives can also be used to cut bandages into desirable size.


Survival knife can work in terrific ways which include fire-making. If you do not have matchsticks, lighters or other equipment to turn on the fire, but you’ve got the knife, know that you’ve got it all! If you rub a stone against the blade of your knife it will produce sparks.

All you need is tinder which will catch the sparks and you will have a proper fire started in front of you.

Hence, it is known that survival knives are very inventive tool which can be used for multi-tasking.

It can be utilised in various ways. From food processing to being a first aid tool all in itself, it is a life saver and a companion one should not forget to carry in survival kit.

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