Huawei P50 Pocket Review: A Elegant Foldable Phone You Have Ever Seen

Last year was a big one for the foldable smartphone section; as Huawei carried on to push the technology forward with hardware discoveries. However, other brands joined the frazzle with robust offerings that sold out at lower cost points—hence making the products more approachable to the masses. Huawei’s actual release is Huawei foldable p50 pocket.


As the Huawei P50 Pocket is unfolded in its creative form, it resembles an average slab smartphone, hardly thinner, at 7.2mm. Its 6.9-in display screen is a bit bigger than almost whatsoever past slab phone; it has a long 21:9 aspect ratio that carries it from being clunky. The screen looks bang-up, with quadruplet HD resolution and a 120Hz freshen-up rate.


In China, the Huawei P50 Pocket actions on HarmonyOS, although in the EU and different parts of Asia, it keeps going EMUI (Emotion UI). The other is Huawei’s much advertized self-developed software system, although the last mentioned is Huawei’s software system skin placed on Android. HarmonyOS is planned to be future-proofed. It can be well adapted over a wide variety of devices and more flexible connectivity between them, simply on a comparatively direct, small-scale gadget such as a phone; HarmonyOS does not differ much from EMUI. Mainly, the P50 Pocket acts like how the Huawei phone has.


The Huawei P50 Pocket is an entertaining device due to its small, unusual form factor. I love putting the phone in laptop computer mode during solo meals or work sittings so I can follow my phone’s notices or read content without requiring holding the phone.


The Huawei P50 Pocket has fashionable, well-built hardware, and its primary camera is good. Even so, an obstruction keeps it from being a gimmick for mainstream adoption the way, state, an iPhone 13 is. And no, I am not talking of the Google situation, which, although annoying, is not unsolvable.

The issue I am blabbing out is price: the P50 Pocket retails in the EU set out at €1,299, which is approximately $1,450. It is slightly cheaper in Asian parts like Hong Kong and the Republic of Singapore, simply still some in that $1,300 and up range. This is for the fantastic white edition; the golden “premium edition” costs even a lot, at €1,599 or approximately $1,800.

It is comfortable for smartphone lovers to wonder what Huawei is trying to accomplish with this pricing. But Huawei recognizes what it is doing. The P50 Pocket is commercialized as a fashion/deluxe device, and in the globe of high style, $1,300 to $1,800 is not a lot of net worth. Most trade name purse prices are twice that amount, well.

Huawei possibly recognized that the Huawei foldable P50 Pocket was going to be a recessed device (with the GMS effects and all). So it is not even trying to aim for the effortless/average shopper anymore. This is a smartphone for accumulators, enthusiasts, and devotees of Huawei products.

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