How To Make Your Kids Connect Better With Pets and Animals?

Human kids are very innocent yet very sensitive. They are like clean white paper and everything happening around them can leave an ever lasting impact on their innocent minds. We, as adults and caretakers of kids, should take steps to make them companionable and loving adults when they grow up. One way is to develop love and care of pets and animals in them when they are young. Animals, especially pet animals are very loving and adorable, their love transcends into kids as well. However few kids might find animals a bit scary when first introduced to them. In this article we have shed some light on steps we can take to make our kids connect better with animals and love them

  • Animal Movie or Cartoons

How to make your Kids connect better with pets and animals?

Young children just love watching movies and cartoons. Every cartoon or movie is special for them. One of the easiest and effective ways to develop love of animals in your kid’s heart is to make them watch animal’s movies and cartoons. Make sure to choose a movie or cartoon that gives a softer message about love and taking care of animals. Once they are done watching a movie sit down with them and talk about the message it gave. Take a step further and think of ways you can team up with your kids and do a fun little activity to help animals around you.

  • Reading Books with Message about Animals

How to make your Kids connect better with pets and animals?

Children love reading or listening to story books. During Covid19 when everyone stays home, booking reading has become increasingly popular. One way to make your kids connect better with pets is to give them books which talk about the rights of animals and how they are important for survival of the human race and ecosystem in general. It lets kids become aware of the importance of animal rights and their safety on their own. It makes them more curious and develops the urge to do something practical.

  • Keeping a Pet at Home

How to make your Kids connect better with pets and animals?

What could be a better way to develop love of animals in kids by keeping an adorable pet at home. Cats and dogs become super easy and loveable pets. Cats and dogs can make anyone fall in love with them by their innocence and cuteness. Make kids feed these pets and take care of these pets.  Daily connection and physical interaction with pets makes them tolerant towards other animals in general as well.

  • Feed Animals that are not Pets

How to make your Kids connect better with pets and animals?

Feed wild animals and birds like deer herd and pigeons to develop a sense of responsibility towards all sorts of animals. Keep feeders around your backyard or any open place with feed in them, it lets animals come closer at a safer distance.  Deer herds need supplemental food in harsh weathers such as winters when natural food supply is scarce for them. It presents a perfect opportunity to let your kids step up and show their love towards animals by providing them food and cover. You can use readymade deer feeders available in the market for this purpose.

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