How to Keep Your Apartment Protected

If you just moved into one of the Chicago apartments, unpacking, decorating and the like aren’t the only tasks that should be on your list. It’s important to feel safe by ensuring that your place is protected. A report by the National Crime Prevention Council reveals that renters are far more likely to be burglary victims as compared to owners – 85 per cent higher in fact.

With apartments, most people don’t know all of their neighbours, making it easier for burglars to sneak through undetected. That makes it essential to keep your apartment protected, decreasing the risk of burglary and physical harm.

Reinforce Sliding Doors

If you have a sliding door that leads to a porch or balcony, it should not only be locked at all times, but you should also place a rod into the tracks to reinforce it. Sliding doors usually have latch locks that are weaker than your standard door locks, making this one of the easiest ways to prevent a potential break-in.

Check Outdoor Lighting

While your building surely has an apartment manager or someone in charge of the complex, it’s easy to miss burned out lightbulbs or dark spots that should be illuminated at night for safety. Take a look around at night, in parking lots, hallways, stairwells, and other common areas. If you notice a lack of lighting, be sure to talk to management about improving safety by correcting the problem.

Install an Alarm System

No longer do alarm systems have to be wired into the walls, making it possible for apartment rentals to install a wireless monitoring system that keeps an eye on your place that can move with you wherever you go. Or get an alarm system that alerts you when there is an intruder. There are many devices and systems today that can be controlled right from our smartphones. The stickers that alert potential intruders that they’re under surveillance are often enough on their own to be a deterrent.

Get to Know Your Neighbors

There are many reasons it’s a good idea to get to know your neighbours, well beyond that proverbial cup of sugar. When your neighbours know you, they’re more likely to be aware when someone is snooping around who shouldn’t be. Plus, you might find someone trustworthy to keep an eye on your apartment if you plan to leave for an extended period.

Keep Valuables Out of Sight

Whenever you leave your apartment or go to bed at night, be sure to keep the curtains and/or blinds closed as it will prevent people from getting a peek at what you own. You never want a potential intruder to see any of your valuables, like electronics. A fireproof safe is a great way to protect documents like your passport and expensive jewellery.

Install a Deadbolt Lock

If your front door doesn’t have one already, ask management if you can install a deadbolt. They aren’t expensive and your door will be a lot harder to open without a key than a standard lock. It also adds another layer of protection – thieves are looking for the path of least resistance, so the more locks you have, the more likely they are to look for an easier entry.

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