How To Induce Vomit Using A Toothbrush For Nausea In Pregnancy

Puking or throwing up is divided into two different categories. One is when you throw up naturally because you are not feeling well or you might have a ver. The other is when you force yourself to throw up intentionally using various methods just to get rid of excessive food in your stomach. This means that one is the natural vomit and the other one is a self-induced vomit. A forced vomit is not good for health. It can create many complications for your health, harming your body organs and tissues.

Therefore, self-induced vomiting should never be considered as an option no matter what the reason.

For a self-induced vomit, an individual can use various methods and techniques. Given the question of how to make yourself throw up, a person can either put a finger down his throat, drink salty water, get himself exposed to a dirty smell, drink mustard with water, or even use a toothbrush. However, none of this is a good practice but people still use these methods to make themselves throw up on an intentional basis.

Using a Toothbrush for Throwing Up

This is an effective technique to induce vomiting. It sounds gross but most people use this method for puking. There are two ways you can use a toothbrush to make yourself throw up. The first way is to use the head of your toothbrush which includes the bristles. The second way is to use the end of your toothbrush. Both these techniques will help you in throwing up but it is okay if it does not work for you. Not everything works for everyone. You can always follow other methods as well.

Using a Toothbrush for Throwing Up

Head of Toothbrush

If you want to use the head of your toothbrush to have a nauseous feeling, all you have to do is wet your toothbrush with water. After that, put the toothbrush down your throat on the back of your tongue and continue to move its bristles in a forward and backward direction. Wait for it to activate your gag reflex. Once it gets activated, continue the process until you puke. Keep the toothbrush placed inside your mouth when you are throwing up. After vomiting clean your mouth and also your toothbrush thoroughly.

End of Toothbrush

The other method to force a vomit is by using the end of the tail of your toothbrush. You have to wet the end of the hbrush with water and force it down your throat. You will ultimately start to gag. Keep moving the tail of your toothbrush in a forward and backward motion and do not stop. You will definitely throw up during the process. You have to keep the toothbrush inside your mouth while you are vomiting. After throwing up, clean your mouth,and make sure to wash your toothbrush as well.

After vomiting, always clean your entire mouth so that the stomach acids do not have any negative reactions to your teeth. You can brush your teeth afterward or drink a glass of water.


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