How can lessons be made more interesting?

For the majority of the students, lessons are no more than sitting to boring lectures being delivered in monotone and without interaction. Spacing out or falling asleep all together seems to be unavoidable in such classes. Boring classroom environments discourage intellectual growth and learning that is necessary for any classroom. So, how can teachers make lessons more interesting for their students?

Create curiosity in students to learn more

When students are kept in suspense, their interest is piqued and they do not space out. When they are unaware of what to expect, they simply cannot ignore any important detail. Adding an element of surprise and mystery in your lectures is one effective way of keeping your students engaged. One way this could be achieved is by giving students clues before you reveal anything new and interesting in the syllabus material.

Try not to reiterate the classroom material

Reviewing the classroom material time and again is unnecessary and is known to make lessons boring. If you have to review the material, try finding interesting strategies to do so, like engaging students in a review game. You can ask students to write down a certain number of things that they learned from the lesson, things that they found interesting, and one question that they would like to ask.

Use classroom games

Games can never be boring and so with classroom games, you can make a monotonous lecture, like an economics lesson, much more interesting. You can select a number of games that relate to your course material and keep the students engaged in this way. For instance, to teach spellings you could conduct a spelling bee contest. Conducting quizzes between groups is always an effective strategy as the competitiveness keeps students motivated to learn. Classroom games make learning much more fun than it would be otherwise.

Give the students the freedom to make choices

Giving students a choice in their learning process is known to be a very effective strategy when it comes to classroom lectures. It encourages student independence and interest. When, for example, deciding which activity to include in your lesson, you can give students the decision by using a decision board. This activity of selection can itself be made more interesting by making it into a game. For instance, to choose the next class activity, play a tic-tac-toe game where students need to choose three activities in a row.

Use the latest technology

Technology is another clever way to keep students interested in the lesson. After all, who does not love electronics? Interactive whiteboards, smartboards, and tablets are some such electronics that can be used.

There are several lectures that can get monotonous at one point. Economics can be one such subject where the teacher needs to work hard to keep students engaged. Many institutions incorporate teaching styles that make the subject much more interesting. A level Economics Tuition in Singapore by Kelvin Hong is one such case where the tutors enhances learning by incorporating real-world applications, tips, tricks, and making complicated concepts easier. Do bear these in mind when choosing your next school or tutor.

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