How A Click Per Second Test Works?

Click per second test allows you to check speed click per second. By using this test you can analyze your click speed that will help you to improve your game skills. It is the swiftest game of clicking as it only takes one second for completion.

Click per second test assist gamers of PUBG and Minecraft in improving their hand motor skills. This test is useful not only for children but for adults and teens at the same rate.

How to ameliorate the click per second speed by using the CPS test?

Every gamer has a desire to be on the top of the list of the specified game by improving their game skills. And the game skills can be improved by amplifying click per second by using various tests.

Click per second can be amplified by using given methods:

  • regular clicking
  • If you are a starter you can take assistance from jitter clicking
  • If you want to break the world records then use butterfly clicking
  • If you want to do swift clicking then opt drag clicking

Mechanism of click per second test:

The working of click per second test is very simple and efficient. Below you will steadily find the mechanism of click per second test. By given steps you can easily understand it without getting help from any other individual.

  • Start your amazing game and hit the click button furiously for a fixed time with the help of your device.
  • After that, to know the result multiply the total clicks by 10
  • Then, you will get the final result. That will be your total number of clicks per second.
  • Sometimes we can take help of auto-clicker
  • If you want to again take the chance, then click on the restart button. And click for one second to amplify your click per second speed.
  • You can take the assistance of a browser, or mobile to examine your speed of click.
  • You can even download the app on mobile, but keep your eyes open while downloading. Because most of the time they hack your mobile without your consent.

Best options for the click per second speed test:

Mostly a kit of mouse and keyboard is preferred in case of a click per second speed test.  When the device work in harmony with each other, they seem perfect. Most importantly their connectivity network increases as they can connect to a laptop and a computer.

Below you will find a list of few sets which can be opted.


In a nutshell, practice makes a man perfect. Along with proper practice try to opt for high-quality computer gadgets.

Neither lose hope nor get stuck at one point. Keep moving and playing clicker games. One day you will become Pro in click per second test. Last but not least, don’t put your health at risk as jitter and butterfly clicking sometimes leads to severe injuries. So, be careful.


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