5 rules to follow for growing Spotify follower and plays organically

Spotify always tries that the music is always available to everyone. Millions of songs of various artists are streamed on this great platform. If a person knows about exact strategies and proper plans of implementation, then he can extract different rules of growth.

When we talk about a social media platform, the growth of followers matters a lot. This is a similar situation on Spotify. The only difference is that a regular upgrade of songs in the playlist is also required.

Rules to follow

Follow these rules if you want to increase your followers and songs

  1. Keep in mind the needs of the listener

You must think entrepreneurially when considering the taste of your target audience. This is the zone where you need to promote your art in order to gain more success.  Think like an audience, put yourself in their shoes and then make necessary changes to improve your songs.

This will naturally attract more number of followers on your account when they find the playlist that matches their interest and taste.

  1. Make use of social platforms

The majority of people in today’s world is usually found on social media. Why should you be left behind? You must create your professional page with an attractive name and logo. Start posting relevant contents so that you promote your account. This will let you catch large number of audience. Also, you can easily promote the playlist of Spotify.

  1. Websites

There are some websites that you can use to promote your playlist. Two basic websites, well known to people are playlists.net and sound plate. These websites can be very helpful for your playlist. Playlist.net creates a link with an app “Playlist A Day” that is available on both android and iOS apps. It provides you with any random Spotify playlist that matches your interests and taste. All you have to do is add your playlist and you are able to find random fans every day.

  1. Try using reddit

It is a very lesser known fact but there is a platform called Spotify playlist that organizes different competitions where it announces a price for the best playlist. Search engines hold this platform as a very high ranking authority. Just link your playlist plays to reddit and you will come across organic traffic. The engagement of users on this website is so much that one single post can go viral within a few hours only.

  1. Upgrade and update is significant

People usually start getting bored with the old content and they want something new with the passage of time. This is exactly what you have to do with your content.  If some of your followers really like whatever you post, they may pass on the word that may help you get more followers. This will keep you motivated and you may keep up more and more songs.

In short, these are great rules and strategies that can help you promote and give grow Spotify plays. So, make sure you follow them properly.

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