10 Instagram Trends to Watch Out For in 2022

If we talk about social media, then the latest trends are something that can’t be overlooked. Instagram, which has over 2 billion monthly active users, is no exception to this rule. This is why staying current with the latest trends is critical.

These future-oriented audiences are continually constructing the reality they want to live in, from altering how young people approach education and the concept of “career” to maximalist fashion statements. These tastemakers are leading the charge in the development of culture, exploring new areas, and repurposing what already exists on Instagram.

Come with us as we check out the top 10 Instagram trends.

1.   Dance Videos in Reels

TikTok began as a lip-synching app, generally, music and dancing are in its DNA. As the site has grown into a social media juggernaut, its trends and tenets have begun to spread to other platforms.

Dancing and dance challenges have thus become commonplace on Instagram, with individuals busting moves on Reels, Stories, and the main feed. According to Instagram’s 2022 trend analysis, one-third of its teen users are “eager to see more dance challenges in 2022,” so expect more complicated routines and shifting styles on the site, as well as high interaction for companies that participate in or instigate dance competitions.

2.   Linking Stories


Different from link stickers, Instagram Stories provides a variety of other stickers to help you engage your audience. The “Add yours” tool, which allows you to make a prompt and have your followers add their own photo to it by posting it on their own stories, is one of the more recent alternatives.

Furthermore, stories may become even longer. Instagram began testing 60-second stories at the end of 2021. While longer stories are now possible, they must be divided up into 15-second portions. This new tool allows you to capture or publish 60-second continuous films to your tale.

3.   Story Ads

Look no further than Instagram story advertisements if you’re seeking the finest spot to run promotions. Users are more likely to see and engage with your adverts if they appear in between user stories.

You may choose from a variety of objectives for your Instagram story advertising, including brand exposure, traffic, engagement, video views, and conversions. If you don’t make full-sized, 1080 x 1920 pixel creative assets for your advertising, they won’t fill the screen and won’t have the desired effect.

4.   Shopping Marathon

Instagram Shopping exploded in 2021, as part of an e-commerce boom fueled by a perfect mix of epidemic habits and enhanced digital technologies. Instead of sending visitors to your website, Instagram Shopping lets them choose and buy things directly from the app. Each month, over 130 million people tap on an Instagram Shopping post, generating foot traffic that a brick-and-mortar store owner could only dream of.

All signs point to a continuous shopping spree in the future years: eMarketer estimates that social commerce will be worth $80 billion by 2025, and Instagram’s 2022 Trend Report revealed that nearly one-quarter of Gen Z users intend to shop through their social media feeds.

5.   Creators Reign Supreme

Four out of five Gen Z Instagram users consider that producers have equal or more cultural influence than established celebrities. And, thanks to the rise of the creator economy during the pandemic, there are now more content wizards on Instagram than ever before: 50 million, to be exact, as of 2021.

By 2022, 72.5 percent of marketers in the United States are anticipated to leverage influencer marketing, and Instagram’s Collabs and Branded Content advertisements are making collaboration easier than ever.

The platform’s most recent features enable creators to name businesses with which they’d like to collaborate, as well as brands to sift and search for the perfect creators for precise campaigns.

Instagram is basically playing matchmaking to the best of its ability, and it really, really wants you to get along. A new section in direct messages dedicated to partner communications should make it easier to communicate with a potential collaborator. Creators can now make affiliate income from Instagram stores or build their own shops in partnership with businesses.

6.   No More IGTV

Instagram announced the end of IGTV, its sole long-form video format, in October 2021. Users can now publish material to the main Instagram feed that is up to 60 minutes long. Videos from the feed and IGTV will be combined into a single tab on profile sites (Reels get their own dedicated tab). Meanwhile, the IGTV app is being renamed the Instagram TV app.

7.   Birth and Rise of Reels

Instagram released Reels, the short-form video format designed to compete with TikTok, what feels like yesterday and a lifetime ago. Reels have become a cornerstone in the current Instagram experience, thanks to a feisty algorithmic push (and a front-and-center location in the app’s navigation).

It’s part of a larger social media trend toward short-form content. Youtube is even getting into the “Shorts” game. There’s no better time than now to give Reels a try if you haven’t already. Due to TikTok’s continued dominance on social media, Instagram might just reward Reels users, so you may see an increase in exposure or interaction as a result of experimenting with the format.

8.   Promoting Social Justice

Although the year 2020 was a breakthrough moment for social justice, advocacy, action, and participation are still popular in 2022. According to Instagram, social justice activists are one of its most active users.

Gen Z intends to donate even more money to social causes in 2022 than in prior years, and 28% expect to follow more social justice accounts on social media. It’s a fantastic opportunity to tap into that connection and shout out your beliefs if you’re a company with a connection to a cause, charity, or non-profit.

9.   Other Methods For Reach

Keeping up with Instagram’s ever-changing algorithm may be extremely difficult, and the reduction of organic reach has been well-documented for years. You’re at the very top of the diagrams one minute and then your engagement drops to the point where you’re thinking if Instagram has shadow-banned you and considering purchasing Instagram followers the next from this link.

Someone on your team only needs to understand how to enhance and master the basics of audience targeting if you want to keep your Instagram reach in 2022. Don’t know where to begin? Consider Buzzoid as a possible solution. Buzzoid lets you buy Instagram followers which can give your account that much-needed boost.

10. Instagram Live

The use of Instagram Live increased dramatically between 2020 and 2021. We’ll most likely need to hunker down at home in 2022 and turn to our phones for comfort and connection, as a result, firms with a solid Instagram Live content strategy will be in a good place to assist their followers. After all, 80% of viewers would choose to watch a live stream rather than read a blog post. Give the people their desires!


Influences from other networks and the introduction of new features produce Instagram trends. Following current trends keeps your content fresh and demonstrates to your viewers that you’re not scared to attempt new things. Of course, what is true at the start of 2022 can alter dramatically in a year. Hopefully, this blog will motivate you to try some new things.